Would a Munn Park beautification project work in Lakeland, FL?

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Earlier this month we received an email from Reader Melody C., inquiring about the potential for Munn Park and what could come to the area to help beautify downtown

Which got us thinking — What if a Munn Park beautification project occurred and if so, what would you want to see? Check out what other Central Florida cities are doing:

Donnelly Park, Mt. Dora, FL

Donnelly Park is a centerpiece to the community. This park brings lush greenery, a fountain focal point, access to tennis + pickleball courts, plus event space. 

Its effect on Lakeland: This potential project would highlight Munn Park’s current qualities by stepping up the desirability for locals to visit.

Courts at Donnelly Park | @mountdoraexplorer

Edgewater Park, Dunedin, FL

Edgewater Park is smaller, like Munn Park, but boasts a playground for kids, a gazebo for afternoon relaxation, and picnic tables for springtime lunches. 

Effect on Lakeland: This option, like Donnelly, would level up Munn Park as it is, by bringing in-park perks (like a gazebo), to entice those afternoon strolls, picnic lunches, and jungle-gym giggles.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa, FL

Curtis Hixon is a focal point of Downtown Tampa’s riverside featuring a splash pad, playgrounds, sustainable construction, LED lighting, a “great lawn” for events, restrooms, vendor space, and more.

Effect on Lakeland: This would be the most drastic change to Munn Park out of the 4, but could boost the park’s utility city-wide. 

Curtis Hixon Park | Photo via @munki_byznyz

Phelps Park, Winter Park, FL

Phelps Park combines the qualities of Donnelly and Edgewater into a setting full of courts for basketball + tennis, playgrounds for the kiddos, pavilions, and picnic tables. 

Effect on Lakeland: Phelps draws in visitors with minor conveniences that could boost Munn’s visitor count, like water fountains for drinking, a Little Free Library, and bike racks.


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