15 questions with Lakeland Business Owner founder + CEO, Tyler Auerbacher

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Profile: Tyler Auerbacher is a local mover + shaker in the Lakeland business community, garnering attention for his success from big names like Gary Vaynerchukan entrepreneur popular on LinkedIn with over 4 million followers.

In an effort to support local business owners, we’re asking Tyler 15 questions. Read on to find out which Lakelanders he’s watching, what he’s planning next, and his local #MustDo.

Q: What’s your name, title, and 3-5 things you want people to know about you?
A: Tyler Auerbacher, Co-Founder of Dippidi; Founder/CEO of Lakeland Business Owners; Public Speaker on Marketing, Branding, & Advertising 

I’m half-Brazilian & half-German (my mom was born and raised in Brazil; you can tell by my last name my dad’s side of the family is from Germany).
I earned a full college basketball scholarship to the University of North Florida and finished playing at Webber International University.
I earned my Master’s Degree in Business Management & Bachelor’s in Marketing. 

Q: Can you explain to us what you do, and how you got to where you are today?
A: After grad school, I accepted a sales job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While it was an amazing experience, I learned “corporate life” was not for me. Since then, I’ve worked with 5,000+ real estate agents and business owners across the country on marketing, branding, and advertising. 

In 2019, I started a company called Dippidi, a done-for-you digital advertising & content marketing company for real estate professionals. More recently, I founded Lakeland Business Owners (LBO), an organization that focuses on highlighting Lakeland businesses. 

Q: What’s something every new business owner oughta know about?
A: When you go all-in and your back’s against the wall, you’ll be shocked at the new levels of commitment & success you’ll reach.

Q: If you’re originally from Lakeland, why have you stayed here? If you’re not, what brought you here?
A: I got fired from a job before starting this entrepreneurial journey. It forced me to move from Tampa back to my childhood room in Auburndale with my parents as a single, broke, 25-year-old man. While home, I met my amazing wife. We bought our home in Lakeland shortly after. We absolutely love Lakeland, and it excites us so much to be a part of our unbelievable growth!  

Q: What’s an improvement you’d like to see in Lakeland?
A: I felt that there was a big opportunity to help our local business owners by telling stories from their colleagues that will better equip them with the knowledge to succeed. I wanted to create LBO as a resource to motivate existing business owners to grow, inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs here to start, and for our community to be more acquainted with our community leaders. 

Q: Tell us about an obstacle you’ve had in life and how you overcame it. 
A: One of the earliest obstacles in my adult life was being cut from the University of North Florida basketball team. At the conclusion of my freshman year, I got informed that our entire coaching staff got fired and each player got released. 

It was such a shocking, hurtful, and humbling moment, but it has been the BIGGEST blessing. I got into the best shape of my life immediately after that. I transferred to Webber International University, where I earned All-Conference honors on the court and two degrees in the classroom.

Q: Name 3-5 other local leaders/influencers/movers + shakers you’re watching.

Steve Scruggs President of LEDC
Ryan Dell Owner of Image Depot Express
Chrissanne Long Founder of BRIDGE Local
Brandon Giles Consultant & Head Men’s Basketball Coach for Polk State College 

Q: Fast forward to 5 years from now, what are your goals for your businesses?

Dippidi We hope to be the go-to digital advertising agency for the Real Estate industry. 
LBO We hope to have impacted and inspired hundreds of business owners here to reach new heights through hearing the stories of and connecting with their fellow peers. 

Q: Name your favorite development to come to Lakeland in the last 5 years.
A: The new Catapult building!

Q: Can you hint at an exciting project or future biz that you’re working on?
A: I am actually working on my 3rd company, launching in July. It’ll help solve a huge problem that business owners, including myself, are facing right now during this dramatic shift in the way content is consumed, which demands a strategy that delivers constant value to engage your audience and communicate your message.

Q: In 10-years, what’s one thing you wish to see in Lakeland? 
A; A startup incubator for Lakeland that provides seed funding for startups, like the Popular “Y Combinator.”

Q: What is your favorite, go-to event to attend in Lakeland? 
A: The Lakeland Christmas Parade! 

Q: Hit us with your favorite piece of local trivia:
A: Lakeland was almost called Munnville, after the original founder of our city, Abraham Munn.

Q: Describe your perfect day in Lakeland in the length of a Tweet (240 characters).
A: Wake up, gym or lake, plan/study, New Moon Sushi, hang out with the wifey and the pups, catch the sunset at Swan Brewing, grab a bite downtown, then ping-pong with friends at Rec Room

Q: What were the last 3 things you did downtown?
A: Work at Catapult, First Friday, Harry’s for Mother’s Day 


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