Bonnet Springs Park’s $1,000,000 gift from Allen & Company

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While we can’t offer you $1,000,000, we can offer you the gift of good news.

Bonnet Springs Park was recently gifted $1,000,000 to fund the Allen & Company Family Lawn, which is set to open at the park next year

The gift comes from Allen & Company — an 85-year old boutique investment biz located right here in Lakeland — which has recently partnered with Bonnet Springs Park. 

Quote via Michael Walker of Allen & Company about working with BSP | Graphic vis 6AM City

With the help of the corporate gift, the Allen & Company Family Lawn will look something like this:

A proper gathering space for visitors to utilize for family picnics, different events, and even a spot to relax.
Location-wise, the 2-acre lawn is situated between Franklin Family and Clyne Family Mountains, boasting available seating on the lawn itself as well as along the manmade “mountains.”
The lawn will hold around 5,000 people at a time.

Wondering what progress is looking like over at BSP? Check out our conversation with aerial images of the May 2021 update.

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