Meet Catapult Lakeland + the spaces it offers your biz

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Last night, we had the pleasure of attending Catapult Lakeland‘s grand opening. The co-working space celebrated the new building a little over a year after their actual opening date, which was postponed due the pandemic.  

Wondering where you fit in? We’ve broken down the tools and benefits readily available for entrepreneurs and small biz owners, makers, and freelancers.

Dedicated desk space (left) and co-working space (right) | Photo by LALtoday

Entrepreneurs + Small biz owners

Consider a dedicated desk on the third floor or office space on the main level, depending on the needs of your business.

If media’s what you’re after, the Media Room features lighting, soundproofing, and backdrops to facilitate a successful video or photo shoot. In addition to the Media Room, the Podcast Studio is outfitted with 2 microphones and seating for 4.


Outfitted with a 3D printing lab, metal shop, and woodshop, the Maker Space provides creators with a space to utilize commercial-grade manufacturing equipment. 

Soundproof phone booth | Photo by LALtoday


Working from the shared co-working space also provides freelancers with soundproof phone booths and private meeting rooms for more privacy when meeting with clients. Check out the features of each room below:

Citrus Room + Lime Room — Whiteboards + seating for 4.
Casual Florida Room — Seating for 5 with a couch, coffee table, and chairs.
1929 Room + 2020 Room — Outfitted for video conferencing with seating for 5.
Cash Feed Room — Outfitted for video conferencing with seating for 6.
Irma Room — Features the building’s grandest view of Lake Mirror, plus a TV and seating for 12.
Living Wall Conference Room — Features a wall of greenery, TV, and seating for 12.

Ready to find the best fit for your biz? Click below to learn more about the options above and how you can become a Catapult member. 


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