Florida Southern College’s highly-ranked adult undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs

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There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, including our local community heroes such as teachers and healthcare professionals who have helped us keep pushing forward. 

And thanks to Florida Southern College, local leaders can emerge in these fields + more after graduating from the school’s top-notch, accredited adult and graduate programs

Florida Southern’s online + evening undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs are designed for busy professionals, with perks including: 

Convenient schedules + small class sizes
Accelerated programs that can be completed at your pace
Personalized support from expert faculty + academic advisors
Program facilities + resources (like labs, libraries, and assistantships!) to support your success

On average, individuals with bachelor’s degrees earn 65% more than those without, and those with master’s degrees earn 38% more than those with a bachelor’s. 

If you’ve been itching for a career change or are looking to boost your earning potential, attend one of Florida Southern’s admission events, set up a meeting with a counselor, and check out these programs to find the right fit for you.

Adult Undergraduate Programs

Florida Southern offers four adult undergraduate programs including: 

Business Administration
Elementary Education

Bonus: Florida Southern adult undergraduate students have full access to campus facilities and student services, plus free admission to campus events such as games, art exhibits, and theatre productions.

Get the full college experience with access to student facilities, services, and on-campus events | Photo via Florida Southern College

Graduate + Doctoral Programs

With over 14 graduate + doctoral program options to choose from focused in business, education, physical therapy, psychology, and nursing Florida Southern students are guaranteed to learn executive-level knowledge, skills, and credentials sought after in today’s global economy. 

Not ready to commit to a graduate degree just yet? Florida Southern also offers certificate programs for those looking to gain additional credentials without the long-term commitment.*

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