One family’s fern relocates to Bonnet Springs Park

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Buckle up for a feel-good story to start your week off on a positive note. 

A few weeks back, we received an email from reader Liz C., detailing the life of the family’s Staghorn fern and its relocation to Bonnet Springs Park. Liz shared with us that the fern was a gift from her husband Danny’s best friend back in 1981

The fern, which Liz lovingly refers to as “she,” hung from a tree in the couple’s front yard, and, according to Liz,witnessed us raise our family and survived several hurricanes over the years, including Irma.”

The fern at Liz and Danny’s home | Photo provided by Liz C.

Liz and Danny made the decision this year to move out of their family home and into a 55+ community in North Lakeland, but were concerned about their fern (a plant now in its mid  40’s). However, after a tour of Bonnet Springs Park this past summer + an introduction to Bill Tinsley, the couple realized this would be the perfect place for their fern — along the canopy trail.

The fern now, at Bonnet Springs Park | Photo provided by Liz C.

And the rest was history. The family donated the fern to Bonnet Springs Park. Liz is delighted that others will see and enjoy her (the fern) just as Danny and Liz did for so many years. 

BTW: she doesn’t have a name like Blinky does. If you could name her, what would you suggest? 


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