Tell us what Dixieland is missing, Lakeland

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Do you ever try to predict the future? This post in a Dixieland Facebook group got us thinking about the future possibilities of Dixieland + what residents would like to see open up in the area. 

Nearly 30 individuals provided ideas spanning three basic categories: dining, specialty storefronts, and grocery. Commenters wanted mom and pop diners, pottery + quilting stores, and organic grocers to join the ranks of existing Dixieland businesses, including Hillcrest Coffee, Method Tans, Establish 37, and Uli & Co

To keep the conversation going, we asked on Instagram and Facebook what new kids you’d like to welcome to the block. You suggested:


Fresh Kitchen — @kalesnicole_12
“An upscale taco place, like Bar Taco vibes.” — @madisynelyse
“A speakeasy or an upscale Asian restaurant (like Hawkers) or a specialty brunch spots” — @andallthatjazz96
Brewery” — @chasecheek 
“Dixieland Mini Mall turned into an eatery, similar to the Joinery.” Tonya R.
“A coffee window with freshly made croquetas and Cuban coffee.” — Stephanie K.
More drive-thru options. I would love to get a delicious fruit or peanut butter smoothie without having to unload the little ones.” — Brittany E. 

Specialty storefronts

“A plant shop, a ceramic clay throwing shop.” — @meraki_in_bloom
“A decent size non-commercial gym” — Mike V.
Rock climbing gym! Closest ones are vertical ventures in Saint Pete and then another one in Orlando, Lakeland would be perfect in some of the downtown warehouse type buildings.” — Linz L.
Lululemon — @syddcollins


“A central Lakeland Aldi! And more farm to table type restaurants!” — @katkatikatie
Trader Joe’s — @lindseyorca
“I’d love a mini grocery store” — Abby J. 
“A mini grocery store to grab milk” — Joyce P.


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