How to enjoy a safe New Year’s Eve in Lakeland, FL

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Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks cause roughly 18,500 fires per year? Potentially more, as these are just the reported fires. 

Before we dig into alternative ways to enjoy the clock striking midnight on Jan. 1, brush up on a few more statistics here:

Last year, 15,600 in the US people were admitted to the hospital due to firework-related injuries — an increase of 10,000 people since 2019. For context, that’s a little over 11 times the number of people that can fit into Polk Theatre and over two times the crowd that can pack into the Jenkins Arena at the RP Funding Center.
The two most dangerous culprits were firecrackers and sparklers, which account for almost a quarter of the injuries.
Sparklers alone can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. For context, glass melts at 900 degrees.

Bearing that in mind, maybe this year you’re looking for a firework-less festivity. Here are a few alternatives:

In years past, the Lakeland Fire Department has recommended other methods of entertainment during holidays, such as glow sticks, balloons, or arts and crafts.
Other ideas include silly string, confetti cannons, or do-it-yourself laser light shows.

If you do want to enjoy fireworks, here’s how:

The Lakeland Fire Department recommends enjoying professional fireworks displays, and, while there are no public displays this year in Lakeland, a 45-minute drive to Tampa or Orlando will do the trick. 

For more information on NYE events taking place locally, click here

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