Lakeland ranks No. 6 in Top 50 Cities for Retirement

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No. 1. That’s what Florida ranked yesterday on Wallet Hub’s list of 2022’s Best States to Retire. The 50 states were ranked using 47 metrics spanning three core factors: affordability, quality of life, and health care

While we can all agree that the sunshine state at large is a great place to live, Lakeland ranked No. 6 on Retirement Living’s list of The Top 50 Cities for Retirement. In this study, crime, housing + assisted living costs, and population growth were analyzed to determine the best cities for retirees.

Lakeland has a long-standing reputation as a hotspot for post-professionals. Early last year, the City of Lakeland ranked No. 4 out of 734 US cities on AdvisorSmith’s list of Midsize Cities Where Retirees are Moving, was donned a “Silver City” in 2019 by the McKinsey Global Institute, and ranked No. 10 out of 100 Best Places to Retire in the US by US & World Report News.

So, what makes Lakeland such a desirable place for those looking to retire?

Decreasing crime rates throughout Polk County — Polk’s crime rate has decreased over the last decade, despite a steadily increasing population, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s data.
Retired taxpayer- friendliness  — According to a ranking by Kiplinger, a business + finance service, Lakeland has a below-average tax burden and ranks No. 17 out of 50 Florida cities for taxpayer friendliness. 
Mildness of weather — Did you know that Lakeland boasts a comfort index of 9.2/10 during the winter months? Lakeland’s balmy winter weather is in part due to its 240 sunny days each year, over a full month more sunshine than the average state.

Are you one of the roughly 2,000 people who has retired to Lakeland over the last five years? Let us know why you chose Swan City.

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