3 Club Publix perks that make life easier

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Fact: When you’re a Lakelander, you’re also an unofficial Publix advocate and armchair expert. But do you know everything there is to know about Club Publix? Keep reading to find out. 

If you think Club Publix is just about saving money, think again. When Publix first rolled out their loyalty program, they had one goal: Bring Publix’s award-winning service right to your inbox + smartphone, so you’re not just saving money, you’re saving time. Read: More money + time for Flying Tigers games or Aprons cooking classes.

Here are three ways that joining Club Publix (which is completely free, by the way) goes beyond saving you money and actually makes your life easier.

Personalized communication + sneak peeks 

Each week, Club Publix provides personalized savings based on your buying habits. What does that mean? After opting in to personalized communication and selecting your “favorite” Publix store, Publix will send you a weekly savings email highlighting items that you’ve purchased before that are now on sale. This makes it super easy to add sale items to your shopping list and clip digital coupons to your digital wallet. 

Bonus: You’ll be the first to know about new products, and you get access to the weekly ad a day early, too — perfect for meal planning.  

Digital tools that make shopping easier

When it comes to grocery shopping, seamless mobile + digital integration just makes sense. | Photo provided by Publix

Paying with the Publix app? Check. E-receipts? Also check. And for fans of Publix’s order ahead and in-store pickup services, Club Publix will save your favorite shopping lists so you can re-order more efficiently. 

Pro tip: Already a Club Publix member? Pay with the Publix app or enter your phone number at checkout as often as possible to keep your grocery + sales recommendations on point.

Other feel-good perks 

On your birthday, keep an eye out for a free treat from Club Publix.

Want to join^ Club Publix? It’s easy. (And did we mention free?) Join online to start enjoying those perks.*

Poll: Which Club Publix perk do you think is the best?

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