Celebrity trees in Lakeland, FL

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Hollis Garden is known for its neoclassical architecture + themed gardens, but did you know that it is also the host of several famous trees? We’ve got all the tree-tails on these illus-tree-ous trees.

The king of rock and roll

One of the first trees you’ll see in Hollis Garden’s historical tree section — which runs throughout the park — is a large weeping willow. This weeping willow was grown from a cutting of the weeping willow in Elvis Presley’s front yard at Graceland.

Presidential suite

Next up, you may spot a white oak with acorns. This is an overcup oak from Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace in Kentucky. It gets its name from the acorns enclosed in little cups.

Honest Abe’s oak isn’t the only presidential tree you’ll see. There is also a tulip poplar grown from a cutting from George Washington’s yard. The original tulip tree was planted in 1785, in Mount Vernon.

The sycamore tree grown from a tree at Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite | Photo by LALtoday

Susie B’s tree

The final tree on our walk of fame honors Susan B. Anthony. This tree was grown from a cutting of the sycamore tree growing near her grave in Rochester, New York.

Visitor information

If you want to check out these celebri-trees (and over 10,000 flowers, shrubs, and trees), head over to Hollis Gardens at 614 E. Orange St. During the summer, its hours are Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The best part? Admission is free.

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