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Newsflash: Lakeland is full of interesting people making big moves in their respective fields. Keep reading to see who we’ve featured so far in our LALtoday Q+A series

Tyler Auerbacher  

Tyler Auerbacher is a local entrepreneur known for producing engaging digital content while teaching other business owners how to do the same. You may recognize him from Lakeland Business Owners, or his video marketing agency, Thryve Media

Q: What’s something every new business owner oughta know about?

A: When you go all-in and your back’s against the wall, you’ll be shocked at the new levels of commitment & success you’ll reach.

Ashley Cheek

We took a peek into the inner workings of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC) thanks to its then VP of Business Development, Ashley Cheek. Ashley spent her time with the LEDC helping businesses + individuals learn why Lakeland is a great place to live, work, and play

Q: What do you hope Lakeland is like in 10 years?

A: As you may have heard, the Lakeland/Winter Haven MSA was ranked as one of the fastest-growing MSAs in the country. I can only imagine what this growth will mean for Lakeland’s future. I hope to see continued development, job opportunities, additional housing + multifamily options, revitalization of old spaces, and entrepreneurs opening new businesses. All of these add to our quality of life, and I believe the best is yet to come. 

Brian Seeley

As founder + executive director of Gospel, Inc., Brian Seeley has a particularly close relationship with Lakeland’s community of individuals experiencing homelessness. Brian worked to open Gospel Village, a permanent housing project, in 2021. 

Q: Do you hope to expand past Gospel Village? 

A: I think it would be wonderful if each city in Polk County created similar housing opportunities for people experiencing chronic homelessness and we would love to help other cities establish their villages like what we have here in Lakeland.  

Christin Strawbridge

Meet the president of Catapult Lakeland, Christin Strawbridge. In her role as president, Christin serves Lakeland’s entrepreneurial community and works alongside other coworking spaces to support Lakeland’s small business scene

Q: Why do you think a co-working space works so well in Lakeland?

A: Starting a business or working from home can be lonely. Having the opportunity to connect with others in a vibrant space can increase productivity and lead to a deeper sense of satisfaction in work.

Gillian Fazio

If you’ve seen the side of the Gaines Jewelers building, the Bent’s Cyclery building, or the Yard on Mass, you’ve seen Gillian Fazio’s work. She’s known for beautifying Lakeland with her big, bright, and bold creations, one wall at a time. 

Q: Which local leaders are you watching? 

A: I’m super interested in Bonnet Springs Park and what everyone involved is building over there. It’s making a great future for Lakeland and generations to come. Also, the whole Lakeland CRA team. They’re always thinking outside the box on how to include arts and keep building while beautifying. My third is David Collins, a Lakeland artist, who taught me about being involved in the community. 

Kevin LeVine

As principal at Harrison School for the Arts, Kevin LeVine is familiar with Lakeland’s performing arts scene. We sat down and asked him how Lakeland can continue to support the arts, what leaders he’s following, and why he thinks Harrison continues to produce so many talented individuals

Q: How do you think Harrison facilitates student success so well? IE: Broadway alumni/actors, etc. 

A: We’re giving them a lot of real-world experience. It’s a competitive audition process — that’s what the real world is. Giving them those experiences allows them to see the amount of time, hours, and energy that goes into putting on full-scale productions.

Bump Galletta

Known for his unique style of illustrating and frequent collaborations with other local artists, Bump Galletta is the definition of a mover + shaker in the creative community. We sat down with Bump to learn more about his beginnings as an artist, his hopes for the future, and what other Lakeland artists he has his eye on. 

Q: What advice would you give to budding artists? What opportunities do Lakeland artists have to connect?

A: Find your voice and your style. Everybody’s looking for something new, something explosive that tells a story and says who you are. When I was first trying to sell my artwork, I was doing watercolor, building furniture out of scrap wood, I tried mixed mediums, murals, and drawings. I narrowed it down to something that defined who I am and that’s how I got my aesthetic. I’m very fortunate to be known for my style. You’re going to grow and change, but be who you are. 

Delta Ryan

You’ve likely seen the Take Heart storefront in downtown Lakeland on Kentucky Avenue, but do you know what the store stands for? We interviewed the founder of the non-profit, Delta Ryan, to learn more about what fair trade means, as well as how this local establishment is changing lives around the globe

Q: Can you talk to us about the fair trade bit of the business?

A: Fair trade means it’s made mainly by artisans in the Third World — you sit down directly with an artisan group and come up with a fair wage. The trade is giving them a fair sum of money for what you’re getting in return in a safe environment. They get the money they earned and don’t wait for us to sell it on this side. I have vetted it extensively because it makes a difference in women’s lives, especially around the world.

Kerry Falwell

If you’ve stepped foot inside Florida Children’s Museum (formerly Explorations V Children’s Museum), you can thank museum CEO Kerry Falwell. The museum is relocating over the summer to its new digs at Bonnet Springs Park. With doors opening on Fri., Nov. 4, we wanted to ask Kerry a few questions about what Lakelanders can expect from the state-of-the-art facilities. 

Q: What impact do you think the museum is going to have on children?

A: This exhibit is opening right as a significant body of research is being published. Research is showing that guided play has the greatest impact on a child’s ability to retain knowledge. When you introduce a children’s museum environment and guided play, a child’s ability to understand a concept increases exponentially. I’m concerned with getting them interested in staying curious. We want them to continually ask questions, and we want those questions to elevate.

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