Summer weather forecast in Lakeland, Florida for 2022

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Grab your sunglasses, Lakelanders — summer starts today, Tues., June 21. The season signals the promise of warmer days + the ever-frequent afternoon showers, so to keep you and your wardrobe prepared, we’ve put together some of the major weather trends headed our way over the next few months.

Here’s what you can expect this summer in Swan City and beyond, based on predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center.


Think warm. Expect to see warmer-than-normal temperatures across much of the US, with the exception of the Midwest.

The predicted continuation of La Niña conditions plays a large role in the expected hotter-than-average June-August for the US, especially in the West

In Lakeland, temperatures are expected to be above normal through at least July. There’s a 40-50% chance of temps being 91°. Usually, Lakeland averages highs of 89.1° in June, 90° in July, and 90° in August. 


Keep your umbrella nearby. There’s a 67% chance that rain will trend as normal through July. Usually, Lakeland averages 7.01 inches of rain in June, 7.52 inches in July, and 7.32 inches in August. 


The Atlantic hurricane season began Wed., June 1, and it’s predicted to be a season with slightly above-average activity. Learn how you can prepare for the season here.

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