Census Data in Lakeland, FL

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So you love living in Lakeland? We know that brunch in Downtown, walking through Munn Park, and catching a ride on Citrus Connection’s golf carts is just a fraction of what makes calling Lakeland home the best. According to the latest census data, the word is out and the city’s population is growing. 

Previous Census data showed that, between 2010 to 2020, Lakeland’s population increased by approximately 20,000.

Want to get to know your neighbors a little better? Here’s a better idea of where Lakelanders have moved to.

Lakeland’s shopping center mall, Lakeside Village | Photo : @itsmegershie

Beacon Hill Historic District

Population: 1,153
Average housing income: $48,541
If you’re looking for a home more tucked away from the busyness but still close to the downtown area, you may want to consider our lovely Beacon Hill area. Located right off of South Florida Avenue, this neighborhood features some of the most breathtaking historic villas found in our swan city. This area is conveniently close to local businesses such as Love Bird and close to our shopping center mall, Lakeside Village.

DYK Dixieland features local businesses, such as Concord Coffee, Good Thyme, and Union Hall. | Photo : LALtoday team

Dixieland Historic District

Population: 5,000
Average housing income: $44,904
Dixieland continues to hold attraction for its historic charm as it is surrounded by Lakeland’s favorite local spots, such as Concord Coffee, Good Thyme, and Union Hall. Its centralized location makes for a great place to live as you’re no more than 15-20 minutes away from both the north and south sides of town. Cobblestone roads, big oak shades, walkable areas –– this neighborhood creates a whimsical experience for any newcomer.

Lake Hollingsworth makes up a walking trail of approximately 3 miles. | Photo : LALtoday team

Lake Hollingsworth Historic District

Population: 5,416
Average housing income: $85,749
You’ll quickly get invited to walk Lake Hollingsworth by any local if you haven’t already. It’s approximately three miles long, and surrounding it are some of the most beautiful mansions in our city. Combining our towering Florida palm trees with a stunning lakeview, this affluent neighborhood offers a tranquil place for you to live. It’s also close to Common Ground Playground, Polk County’s first “inclusive play experience.”

Lake Morton views | Photo : @memorariris

Lake Morton Historic District

Population: 3,657
Average housing income: $59,033
An iconic neighborhood, Lake Morton features access to Lakeland’s most treasured creatures, such as our city swans, ducks, Blue Herons, and more. These brick roads all lead to beautiful Lake Morton, which is located near the Lakeland Public Library and Black & Brew Coffeehouse (Lake Morton location). This community is very family friendly and is one of Lakeland’s oldest neighborhoods.

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