How Flatiron School can help kickstart your tech career

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Did you know? Employment in the tech industry is expected to grow ~13% over the next decade — adding 660,000+ jobs to the US labor force. Enter: Flatiron School, designed to help prospective students prepare for careers in tech (like software engineer or cybersecurity analyst).

Whether you’re a new student just starting out or want to revamp your resume to get a boost in your career, Flatiron School offers multiple (and affordable) options to fit everyone’s unique lifestyle. Read: You or your adult kids could learn the skills needed for a high-paying tech job at significantly less cost than a traditional college tuition. 

How it works:

Students can choose between full-time or part-time courses that will help build skills necessary for a new job in tech. While both options are available online, Flatiron also has Denver, CO + New York City campuses for in-person courses.

Flatiron can help you become a data scientist, software or cybersecurity engineer, or UX/UI product designer in as little as 15 weeks. | Photo provided by Flatiron School

Flatiron School offers bootcamps in software engineering, data science, product design, and cybersecurity engineering in two formats:

Full-Time: Learn on a fixed schedule, roughly eight hours a day, Monday to Friday, in as little as 15 weeks
Part-Time: Learn on your own schedule over 40 weeks

So, you can select which pace fits your learning style + schedule. 

Bonus: Students gain real-world experience through hands-on projects that can help build their professional portfolios. 

Flatiron also offers graduates up to 180 days of one-on-one career coaching to help students succeed during their job search. Career coaches review resumes, help build a student’s online presence, and can even help practice interviewing techniques. Students can take advantage of Flatiron’s employer network for active career opportunities as soon as they graduate.

Flatiron School teaches students with no prior technical experience the skills they need for the future workforce. | Photo provided by Flatiron School

How to apply: 

Interested? Prospective students can chat with admissions virtually to see if Flatiron might be  a good fit, then complete an online application followed by an admissions interview + assessment. Pro tip: Enrollment is open year-round, so you can apply anytime. 

See you in the (virtual) classroom, LAL.

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