Winter Haven’s Sapphire Necklace: A Nature-Based Solution for Sustainable Water Resource Management

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Winter Haven's Sapphire Necklace: A Nature-Based Solution for Sustainable Water Resource Management

Winter Haven is known for its beautiful lakes and waterways, which are an integral part of its identity and culture. With 50 lakes within or adjacent to the city limits and many more in the surrounding areas, Winter Haven is rightly called the “Chain of Lakes City” and the “Inland Coastal Playground.”

However, as the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metro Area continues to grow at a rapid pace, the quantity and quality of water supply are facing unprecedented challenges. Despite these challenges, Winter Haven has taken a proactive approach to protect and sustain its water resources for future generations.

One Water Winter Haven: A Multi-Decade Endeavor for Sustainable Water Resource Management

Enter One Water Winter Haven – a multi-decade endeavor that aims to safeguard the city’s water resources by recapturing, reclaiming, recharging, and reusing water resources. The initiative is built on 20 years of capacity-building by Winter Haven’s leadership and is a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainable water resource management.

One of the flagship projects of One Water Winter Haven is the Sapphire Necklace – a nature-based solution that connects water resources and promotes development and conservation while focusing on water storage, reuse, and recharge. The Sapphire Necklace is a connected network of water resources that is guided by Winter Haven’s lakes, aquifer recharge, and water storage. By promoting the best water strategy, it ensures the most suitable areas for development and conservation.

Connecting People and Places to Water Resources

But the Sapphire Necklace is not just about safeguarding the water resources; it is also about connecting people and places to these resources. It will be home to a trail network that will connect the various nature parks, neighborhood communities, and urban destinations, providing a unique recreational experience for families and tourists alike.

Take a virtual tour of the Sapphire Necklace on the One Water website to learn more about their water-centric community and the importance of sustainable water resource management. By taking this virtual tour, you will not only appreciate the beauty of Winter Haven’s water resources but also understand the efforts that are being made to preserve them.

Let's All Be Part of This Collective Effort

As a water-centric community, Winter Haven recognizes the value of its water resources and the need to protect and sustain them for future generations. By taking a virtual tour of the Sapphire Necklace, you can be part of this collective effort to safeguard our water resources.

Let’s all do our part in promoting sustainable water resource management, whether it’s by conserving water at home, supporting initiatives like One Water Winter Haven, or simply spreading awareness about the importance of water conservation.

Together, we can ensure that Winter Haven’s water resources continue to be a source of pride, identity, and culture for generations to come.

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