The Weekly Roundup: Hottest Discussions in Around Winter Haven Neighbors

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The Weekly Roundup: Hottest Discussions in Around Winter Haven Neighbors

Hey there, Winter Haven friendly neighbors! Welcome to “The Weekly Roundup,” where we bring you the juiciest highlights from our fantastic Facebook Group, “Around Winter Haven Neighbors.”

Each week brings different fun topics, heart-touching tales, and meaningful discussions! To see the full comments and join the fun, become a member now! 🎉

Unlock the magic of our vibrant community – hit that “Join Group” button and let the Winter Haven adventures unfold! 🌟

Just click on the headline to see the whole discussion.  Let’s dive into this week’s top picks:

“WH Church recommendations: looking for laid back/ relaxed service (non denominational preferred)”

“I’ve been looking for a job for almost 2 months now, recently moved here and still no luck anyone knows what’s hiring? (Yes I’ve been following up with jobs still no luck) most I get is, we aren’t hiring or we will call you back. Not looking for anything in specific but I do have experience in food, housekeeping, caregiving. Retail is fine too.”

Hello, my family has a rental property that was abused by the previous tenant and needs some work to make usable. Flooring, doors, window repair, paint, etc. Does anyone know of someone who can provide a quote for a job like this? Location is near Cypress Lanes in Dundee area. Thank you.

“Is there any place in the Winter Haven area where Philadelphia Eagles fans gather to watch games?”

“What’s the best auto body shop in town? Or around Winter Haven area please!”

“Until last year we rented the same house for years until the economy went crazy, and the owners decided to sell… So last year we moved into a different part of Winter Haven and paid double our rent, which was expected. Now, our current landlord has been great, but they are going through personal matters and have just informed us they need to move back into the house we are renting, and our lease is up October 1st…. I’m tired of moving, if anyone knows a private owner, with a 3/2 for rent (long term) around $1650, our family would really appreciate it… It’s really hard in this market to find something decent and quick, and we have 45 days… We can provide recommendation letters from past landlords … Thank you.”

A truck was just going up the street spraying stuff? My son said it looked like a city truck or something and they had hoses out the back spraying. What are they spraying??”

“Who is your favorite local (Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lakeland) band? Looking to book a gig or two and would love to know who is out there bringing in crowds?”

“What are your favorite, locally owned, restaurants?”

“Had a nice walk downtown Winter Haven tonight!”

“As a person with a service dog, thank you, Publix, for keeping us safe.

Empower your employees to ask the two questions.

Anyone flashing fake online registration cards or certificates should be immediately dismissed as a fraud.”

Join us now and be part of the joyous discussions that make “Around Winter Haven Neighbors” the delightful digital haven it is. See you there! 🎊

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