The Weekly Roundup: Hottest Discussions in Around Winter Haven Neighbors

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The Weekly Roundup: Hottest Discussions in Around Winter Haven Neighbors

Hey there, Winter Haven friendly neighbors! Welcome to “The Weekly Roundup,” where we bring you the juiciest highlights from our fantastic Facebook Group, “Around Winter Haven Neighbors.”

Each week brings different fun topics, heart-touching tales, and meaningful discussions! To see the full comments and join the fun, become a member now! 🎉

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Just click on the headline to see the whole discussion.  Let’s dive into this week’s top picks:

Shout out to Baking Donuts Plus!! They will make whatever you want. Been going to them two years now; we’re there a few times a week. (We might be addicted, no confirmation on that yet.)

This donut is NOT a Boston Kreme. My son requested a chocolate frosted, chocolate cream-filled creation and they made it special for him on the spot. Doesn’t matter which employees are working, they make my favorite – chocolate frosted with crushed peanuts on top, which is not listed on the menu. They are always smiling, eager to please, and their prices are very reasonable. Love supporting this small business!

They’re located on 6th St NW downtown, next to the Salvation Army Store and across from Wendy’s. And they have a drive-thru. They also make breakfast sandwiches and serve coffee and teas. (photo in NN 8-27 donut)

“Looking for a good old fashion holiness Pentecostal church. Any recommendations would be appreciated. TIA”

“So I’ve been thinking about applying for substitute teacher for 1-4th grade what are my advantages and disadvantages?”

“Hey there, small business owners in Winter Haven! It’s that time of the week again: Small Business Sunday! Share your business name and a brief explanation of what you do in the comments below. Let’s support each other and show our community the amazing variety of small businesses we have here. Don’t forget to check out other comments and spread some love.”

Who do we contact about speeding in neighbor hood? I live on Ave C SW a few blocks past Lake Howard . Seems like a drag race from stop sign toward city limit at 24th

“Would anyone here be interested in being a part of a book club?”

“If anybody see’s this baby please contact me she ran off last night over by stone bridge by ave O it’s my friends dog!!!”

“Any Christian Business Owners or Entrepreneurs interested in meeting up weekly for bible & business networking? “

Join us now and be part of the joyous discussions that make “Around Winter Haven Neighbors” the delightful digital haven it is. See you there! 🎊

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