Around Winter Haven Social Media Pro

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Around Winter Haven is connected to the 10,000+ member Around Winter Haven Neighbors Facebook group, which comprises almost 25% of the households in Winter Haven Florida.

Our Most Comprehensive Option,
The Around Winter Haven
Social Media Pro Package includes:

  1. Only with Social Media Pro: One business ad or post per week in our 10,000+ member Social Media Group, Around Winter Haven Neighbors. That’s 10,000+ potential customers!  BONUS!!!!  Join the Around Winter Haven Neighbors group as your business page

2. Premium Business Listing Plus

Premium Listings Plus provide customized information, are more visually interesting than our free, starter and Premium listings, and include unlimited photos/logos, custom description, links to your business website, social media, email address, and more!

Premium Business Listing Plus Example:

Free Business Listing Example:

Your own Business Directory page includes:

  • Your business, listed at the top of your business category page in the premium section.
  • Your business listing name, address, and phone number.
  • A link to your business’s website.
  • A link to your business’s social media profiles (if applicable).
  • Your business’s email address.
  • Business hours
  • Unlimited character business description.
  • Unlimited images or logos of your choosing.
  • Unlimited categories and tags
  • Premium Listing Badge
  • An Around Winter Haven Verified Business Badge
  • Customer Reviews – Your customers can leave reviews and pictures directly on your listing.
  • Embeddable Reviews Badge on Your Website – Unlock a code to share your review rating from Around Winter Haven directly on your website.
  • Ability to publish any special offers you may have on your listing AND displayed in a separate webpage on
  • Google Analytics on your listings – you can check the performance of your listing anytime.
  •  Your business name located above free and starter business listings on your category pages.
  • Separate page for Premium Business Listings only. – will be frequently shared in our social media outlets.
  • Premium Business Listing link for your category provided when a group member asks for recommendations in your category.
  • Editable by you, at any time!

3. Extra exposure on The Around Winter Haven Website “Featured Favorites” weekly stories. (also posted to our Social Media Outlets).

4. One informational guest blog post per month on The Around Winter Haven website and shared to our social media outlets at least 3 times over a 3 week period.

5. One Business Interview per year posted to the Around Winter Haven website and Social Media outlets. This can be in the form of a Q&A or live video interview. Live interviews will live streamed to the Around Winter Haven page, Neighbors group AND Around Winter Haven YouTube channel. The interview will be posted from time to time as room allows.

6. Inclusion in the Local Deals page on the Around Winter Haven Website

7. One featured Member Story: Every quarter, we will feature your business listing in the form of a story on The Around Winter Haven website. BONUS: Each Featured Member story is also shared to all of our social media outlets, including Around Winter Haven Neighbors and Around Winter Haven Facebook page!

8. One Sponsored Story: Every quarter, you may submit one story/ad to be posted on the Around Winter Haven website. The post will be shared 3 times each (usually over a 3 week period) to Around Winter Haven Neighbors and the Around Winter Haven Facebook page.

9.ONLY with Social Media Pro: Post your free weekly business post/ad as your Facebook business page.Posting your free Around Winter Haven Neighbors posts/ads as a business page makes your business look official and sends lots of local traffic to your Facebook page.  Only Around Winter Haven Social Media Pro Plans are allowed to join and post their own ads as a Facebook page.

9. BONUS! Limited Time Only for Annual Plans! Choice of TWO of our al-a-carte advertising options: 1) website advertisements placed throughout the website, 2) shared space on the Around Winter Haven Neighbors group cover photo, 3) one pinned post in the Around Winter Haven Neighbors group and Around Winter Haven page 4) link to your Premium Business Listing in our customized welcome message to new Neighbor group members. * offer expires February 28, 2023   ** subject to availability

$499/Year or $50/Month

The fine print:
*Guest blog is optional. Your guest blog must provide helpful information to our community and cannot be promotional but it can include a short bio and link to your information. You provide all written content. Blog cannot be changed once posted. Limit one image per blog. 400 word limit. Business logos are not permitted in guest blog. Must be of high editorial quality, subject to editing.
Around Winter Haven Neighbors perks:
-AWHN posts can include a sharing of text, a link or an image or video. It cannot include sharing of a PDF.
-Your Social Media Pro Plan does not include sharing of any Facebook Live unless approved by Around Winter Haven.
-You may not post more than four times within a 30 day period. In other words, an annual member cannot can’t “save” annual posts and cram them into a shorter period of time.
-You and your family/friends are not permitted to comment on your posts in order to “bump” them up.
-Violating your Social Media Pro Plan privileges will result in you being muted for 7 days, or possibly removed from the group, without a refund.
-Your posts must include the hashtag #SponsoredAd.
Political advertisements not eligible for Social Media Pro Plans.