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We launched our Rep Your City Design Contest, where artists + designers submitted designs to be featured on products in The LALtoday Shop — our online shop, home to merch featuring local landmarks + city slogans.

The goal? To work with + support creatives, share cool designs, and celebrate Lakeland.

Designers were encouraged to submit their local-focused graphics, illustrations, or paintings that can be digitized and placed on shirts, mugs, prints, bags + more.

How it works: 

Our readers + social media followers vote on the top designs from June 22-28
Votes are tallied and the winner(s) is announced in our newsletter on Thurs., July 1

What the winning designer will get:

You’ll make up to $1,500. We’ll buy the rights to use + reproduce your design for $500, and for every 100 units purchased up to 1,000 units, we’ll send you an additional check for $100.
You’ll be featured in our store’s “Meet the Artists” page with your bio, website + social media. 
Your design will be featured in our newsletters, social media + promotional materials.

It’s time to vote for your favorite designs! Vote below:


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