What are Around Winter Haven Neighbors Discussing? – Top 10 posts this week

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Wondering what the top Around Winter Haven Neighbors posts for were this past week?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past week.

A Holiday Event you don’t want to miss!

“Time for another hurricane Ditty by Di!”

“Just a heads up for everyone! I had a sales rep from Hawx Pest Control come out to my house Tuesday trying to sell me services. I gave him my email and phone number so he could send me a quote. I received a text message this morning saying my appointment was set up for next week, I never agreed to any services. I called them to figure out what was going on and I find out that he signed a contract for me. They even had a credit card number on file, not mine though.”

Around Winter Haven Neighbors weigh in…

“Lake howard Dr is blocked off at Ave G…lots of police cars”

And a discussion about crime in Winter Haven.


We are drowning.
We don’t mean to sound dramatic but we are. We have more dogs than ever. We are one of very few options in this county for Bully Breeds. They are getting turned down everywhere because they have blocky heads and they don’t fit “ adoptable “ type dogs. There are no owner surrenders at animal control because they have no space. There are no resources. We are just a small shelter with big hearts. We are busting at the seams.
We need FOSTERS , we need ADOPTERS, we need DONATIONS to care for all these dogs.
We need you to share our posts so we can adopt out more dogs to make room for the wave of dogs needing rescue. We had to say no yesterday alone 25 times. We have not even one square space to place a dog.
🐾 Help 🐾
If you know anyone that can foster or looking for a new family member we have all ages and sizes.”

“How do I know when this is ready to be picked? Thanks.”

“We have never shopped at a Sam’s Club, Cosco or BJ’s, but I see there’s a Sam’s in Lakeland. Is the membership worth it? What is the shopping like?”

“Posting for my mom. She has three dogs that need re-homing. She is no longer physically or financially able to care for them. Please private message me if interested.

Buddy – 1 year old Golden Labrador-male
Clyde- 4 year old Saint Bernard-male
Lieutenant- 6 year old Beagle-male. **Pending**”

“We had a member ask why their post was recently deleted. We ask that all members are respectful of the group rules. We do not allowing shaming of individuals or businesses. If you have an issue, please take it up directly with that person or business. We are here to come together as a community and not put one another down. Please continue to be valued members of our online community. We love you all! ❤️

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