PCPS Announces Changes to COVID Quarantine Policy

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Dear families, We wanted to provide an update on changes to the COVID-19 quarantine policy for Polk County Public Schools. It is still important for students and staff members who have COVID-like symptoms or have received a positive test for COVID to stay home. However, the quarantine period will no longer be 10 days; it has been reduced in light of new guidance from the CDC and a new rule being proposed by the State of Florida. The quarantine period will now be five days. Students and staff with who are positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing COVID-like symptoms can return to school when one of the following criteria are met: • Five days have passed since the day symptoms started, the person is fever-free for 24 hours and all other symptoms are improving -OR- • A person has a doctor’s note allowing them to return to school/work before five days have passed -OR- • A person has a negative COVID test and is asymptomatic Please visit this link for more information on our COVID protocols and how to calculate your return date from quarantine.

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